Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Motorbike: Miraculous Transporter of Innumberable Persons & Items

A co-worker of mine emailed me some classic photos of true Vietnamese ingenuity. When combined with the medium of the motorbike, the results are often stupendous.

Here's to hoping he got home with her and all the groceries... and why does HE get the helmet!

Yes, the fact that the motorbike is a small, short vehicle does not mean that very long items can't be carried on it. These pipes are the longest I've seen, but people will regularly sit on the back of one and hold lamps, vases, tall tubing, or construction materials.

So I don't know what happens here if the woman holding the poles with her foot has to brake...

This contraption of two baskets balanced on the end of a long pole is ubiquitous in Vietnam. Most of the time, women carry them on their shoulders and they are filled with fruit to be sold (well, in Hanoi anyway).

While I've seen 3-4 people on a motorbike before, this is the record.

On the other hand, motorbikes aren't the ONLY way of moving things from place to place.

People are good at pushing too...


Ted said...

Have you seen the "one motorbike pushing the other because it's out of gas" trick yet?

And the brake is your RIGHT foot, so I think that lady will be just fine... until she has to shift gears.

Joshua said...

Katy! I'm enjoying the blog... glad things are going well for you.

Just so you know, there have been quiet but consistent murmurs of a Princeton-esque reunion somewhere in Southeast Asia for the coming of the great year of 2009. Keep this in mind, because your presence would be stupendously stupendous!