Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reasons I Love Hanoi

As I have been driving around the city recently, I've been making a mental checklist of the things that are truly, wonderfully Hanoi:

  • Driving home late at night on my motorbike when the roads are empty and the temperature has dropped. Juxtaposed to the busy-ness of the day, it's a thrilling freedom to drive the quiet empty streets.
  • Walking into bun cha smelling air-bubbles as it's being cooked before lunchtime.
  • Looking up and realizing the streets are lined with ancient trees, peacefully rooted in the chaos.
  • Being able to change the iTunes playlist at most of my favorite bars.
  • Running into people I know everywhere I go.
  • Stretching, bobbing women in aerobics classes en masse in the parks.
  • Constant valet parking.
  • The fact that none of the clothes fit me, so I never feel the desire to go shopping.

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