Monday, February 23, 2009

We Just Drew Our Lines

A ceremony will be held either today or tomorrow to mark the official completion of the demarcation of the border between Vietnam and China.

Seriously guys? The 100+ officials from each side in attendance acknowledged it was a "major step" for bilateral relations.

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Vin D. Alsace said...

"Youyiguan, or the Friendship Gate, is one of China's key border passes. It is more than 2,000 years old and has witnessed a number of historic wars, including the fight against French invaders in 1885 after they stormed Vietnam."

Ah, news written by communists. It's always so refreshing! I love how they find solidarity in a battle with the evil White barbarians that happened in *1885*, and skip the part where China invaded Vietnam (probably across the "Friendship Gate") in 1979 and burned Vietnamese villages to the ground.

Nah, gotta focus on a much more important battle--repelling the evil foreign barbarians in 1885!

Why do they even print their news in English? I mean, don't they know we realize it's a joke?